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starting from 49€ per month/user*
establish the remote workplace together with us

Free of worries in the cloud

Our managed service offers you remote workplaces based on the latest solutions from the market leaders in the fields of remote working and cloud platforms: Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

starting from 49€*
per month/user

Establish the remote workplace together with us

Choose from our Basic, Professional or CAD/AI package or combine the packages according to your individual requirements and needs.

suitable for Office Users


per month/user

The basic package is suitable for all employees who frequently use Office, web or administrative applications.

suitable for Graphic artist/Power Users


per month/user

The professional package is intended for all employees with higher requirements for processors and working memory.

suitable for CAD/AI Users


per month/user

Our most powerful package has been created for users with high requirements for processors and graphics card.

plus one-time setup fee of 999,- € per customer
All preparatory measures required for the seamless integration of ctrx.services into your IT infrastructure are included.
*The following minimum purchase quantities apply: Basic package at least 5 users. Professional package at least 2 users. CAD/AI package at least 1 user.
If Microsoft Azure is chosen as the compute platform, we will be happy to assist you in selecting the right VM sizes. The additional compute fees for this will be charged to-the-minute and billed separately.

Thanks to ctrx.services, we can access all documents and applications at any time, regardless of the location or device. These possibilities make us even more mobile and flexible in our work routine.

- Melanie Graeff, COO at SL Deutschland GmbH

Do you have special requirements?

With our wide range of add-on options, we adapt the remote workplaces for your team according to individual needs.

Ready to use within 48 hours.